Need an idea

So, the Techiechick website apparently needs a new name. “Techiechick” just doesn’t cut it for the boys. Any ideas?

It’s at, if anyone wants to look.

I’ve had one suggestion, which is, but isn’t that still quite effeminate?

I finally got to see City Hall

Having spent all week trying to get to the top of City Hall, the newest of London’s public buildings, I finally got there today. It was almost worth the wait. The view from the 9th floor is fantastic, especially as you can see my flat :-) The chamber looks like a boring European parliament, but the architechture is interesting. Comparisons with the Guggenheim museums are not unreasonable. I took pictures and the film is being developed as I type. I also had lunch in the cafe on the Lower Ground floor, where the food is very reasonably priced but nothing to shout about.

If you missed the saga about me trying to get to see the darn thing, read more…
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Welcome to the new site

Inspired by the Guardian, I thought I’d try "blogging". I’ve also gone for a full redesign of the site, just for kicks. I hope you like it; I’m still getting used to it :-)

Sarah should be contributing to this site too, now. And I’m hoping some friends and family will be convinced they want to spend some time in front of a computer sharing thoughts and links with the rest of us.