Move your IE toolbars

I’ve been playing, very vaguely, with the layout of Internet Explorer’s toolbars. I use IE as my main browser (for speed and ease of access to all those poorly coded sites) and figured it was worth spending some time getting it to a state I like. I prefer to have the top toolbars take up as little screen space as possible to give me the largest browsing space possible. Since installing the Google Toolbar a few months ago I’ve had three layers of toolbar, but today I’ve reduced that to two. I took a look at the toolbars and realised there was a lot there that I never use. So, bye-bye ‘Favourites’ and ‘History’ and the ‘Go’ button. Bye-bye Google ‘options’ and ‘news’. Then I had to make a conceptual leap. I’m used to the top level containing drop down menus only, including ‘file’ and ‘edit’ and ending with ‘help’. There’s a lot of space next to these menus that I’ve never been able to get used to using. However, Google fits in there pretty nicely. I also discovered that IE lets me resize text sizes from the toolbar, which is useful for me as I do that when I’m checking out site designs.

The downside of this approach is the screen is more fussy. The valuable white (well, grey) space has gone from my browser. I may cave in and change it back, but it’s worth a shot. Have a go and let me know if you come up with something good.

Nonsense Latin

I just found a lovely little program on the web. When you design something, a web page or a newsletter say, you always end up typing something like this, over and over, to fill in for proper text:

frdihgnkdz fdsjfpdf


Well you don’t have to any more, thanks to the Lorem Ipsum Generator. Just tell it how many words or letters you’d like, and it spews out the required length of nonsense latin for you to cut and paste. I just tried it, and it looks suspiciously like an essay I once handed in….

Blog abuse – "what a nice blog"

Well, someone’s noticed the value of blog links and has found a way to abuse them. Check out this old blog entry of mine and see the two lovely comments about ‘what a nice blog’ I have. And then the links through to a couple of sites that might want to go up the google rankings. A quick google search for "What a nice blog" shows that these two comments have appeared on a multitude of sites. I have to admit, when the first comment came through I did wonder if anyone had actually read the thing, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt. Now, I’m pretty certain no-one really cares about my entry. Oooh, blog abuse!

Online shopping

Hmm. Playing with Cafepress and have set up a few items with a bojates logo in my shop. Just need some top ideas for pictures now. This site is such a good idea – the only downside is that you have to pay to make their site look like your own site, and because it’s based in the US, the shipping costs and delivery time are a bit of a hassle.

A concept that should have worked is an idea that really should be working. A site designed for women in London Boroughs to find out about women’s sports. So simple, so obvious, and seemingly not quite making the impact it should be. Since I’ve been excited by skateboarding I’ve been amazed at how many sports sites are out there with good ideas and not quite the support that they deserve. I guess most sports people are out playing, rather than sitting and typing. Go figure!


I’m playing with a new browser. It’s called Mozilla Firebird. It’s got some bugs, but it’s fast and has some nifty features. Worth checking out.

This site

So, avid followers (ahem) will have noticed a small change in the way I’m adding content to this site. Initially, I set up the site as a standard blog, and found I couldn’t cope with it and didn’t know what to write. So, I changed it to a weekly thing, where I’d write more considered things on a weekly basis. Sadly, I found I often wasn’t all that considered, and I didn’t write about stuff that interested me if it happened at the wrong time of the week for the update. So, now I’m trying this. Yes, more like an average blog but, with luck, also more able to capture single ideas in single posts, and possibly more able to get more of the stuff I’m interested in on the site. We’ll see.