Weeknotes 42 (Nov ’20): The ‘she what?!’ factor

  • I’ve attended a couple of group meditations online. An odd experience, but good. Don’t rule it out.
  • Managed to run 3 times this week, out the door at 7am. I never imagined I would be someone who would do that. I am intrigued to see how long it will last. A long time, I hope. It feels great so far.
  • Watched Selma on Netflix. I knew nothing about that part of US history and found it fascinating and alarming. Sarah told me that Obama walked over the bridge on the anniversary of the protest, and that is an astonishing thought.
  • We’re also dipping into the Crown. Thatcher ironing her husband’s shirts is obviously included for the ‘she what?!’ factor, and it works. There is something so insane about the cultural idea of women looking after the home, as if men are incapable of taking care of their own space and clothing and so forth. This is such a surrender of the home, by the men who allow it. They pay a price for that service. (Don’t misunderstand me – obviously I am not suggesting men have the worse end of this deal.) And this insane idea still prevails in many households today. Just mind boggling.