Weeknotes 40 (Oct / Nov ’20): Smiling, proud faces

  • Eventful week. We managed to hold a taekwondo grading, recorded it and sent it to our Grandmaster to grade. At the moment, this feels like a massive achievement both for the club and for the students who graded. And the smiling, proud faces afterwards made it all more than worthwhile.
  • Risk assessments have been a large part of our return to training. The struggle has been in working out what guidance is required vs optional, and what the reasoning is for it. While everyone needs to have a risk assessment in order to return to play, or open certain businesses, I was unable to find a clear definition anywhere of the risks we’re trying to manage. Of course, distancing and not touching the same things as each other are a given, and for training we have rules about not breathing heavily, but it’s hard to find anything in official documentation that spells out why.
  • Another lockdown. This time, we know to wait a couple of days before making any decisions about anything. Announcements get made. Then goal posts moved. It’s mentally and emotionally exhausting, no?
  • Running continues. Just getting out of the door early in the day several times a week has been massively beneficial.