Weeknotes 39 (Oct 20): An awful lot and nothing at all

  • I’ve reduced my digital input for October, so no Facebook, no Instagram and no RSS feeds. I also made it harder to check my email on my phone and muted WhatsApp group chat alerts. I wouldn’t say it’s taught me an awful lot I didn’t already know, but it’s been fairly pleasant. I suspect at the end of this experiment I’ll introduce a routine of checking my currently banned accounts once a week, and reduce the number of people I ‘follow’. I miss the RSS the most.
  • As a result of my reduced digital diet, I found myself a bit ambivalent about these weeknotes. On the one hand I like looking back over them and seeing what I was thinking or feeling at a certain time. On the other hand, why do that in public? Who am I sharing with and why? I have had different answers to this over time, so we’ll see where I land this time.
  • It’s a long and tedious story, but it’s possibly my biggest personal achievement in taekwondo will involve sensible risk assessments during the pandemic. I don’t want to downplay that, but I didn’t see that one coming.
  • We went to Whitstable with my mother for a day trip. We got a puncture on the motorway and the eventfulness of changing the tyre at the service station was maybe the highlight of the trip. The restaurant meal and walk along the seafront were good, too.