Weeknotes 36 (Sept ’20): Making stuff happen

  • We’re teaching three taekwondo classes back to back these days, with 15 minutes between each one to allow for social distancing. On Saturday I found myself jumping side to side over an obstacle in all three sessions. Me and a series of 10-year-olds. Me and a series of 7-year-olds. Me and the rest of the adults. Bit tired.
  • Taekwondo is utterly at the mercy of venue availability. This is true at the best of times, of course, but particularly now. We’ve personally been very lucky with a couple of spaces, but it’s a grim landscape for a lot of clubs at the moment.
  • We went to Borough Market to get something nice for Sunday lunch with my mother. We ended up with 100 day chicken from Ginger Pig. Very expensive, but cheaper than eating out, right?! It was interesting because it’s more fatty than your average chicken. Mum and S liked it, but I wasn’t fussed.
  • Successfully visited the doctor. The system requires phoning at exactly 8am for a call back. I called at 7:59 and got the answerphone. Redialed immediately and was 4th in the queue. And then stayed near my phone for the whole morning for the call back. You need to really want it. And not have anything else on your agenda.
  • We watched chunks of the US Open on Prime. The finals were fantastic, even without the crowds. It was incredible they made it happen.