Weeknotes 35 (Sept ’20): Broken systems

  • I tried to get an appointment with my GP this week. I went to their website and navigated past the Covid-19 messages, and through the variety of opaque options to finally find the bit about making an appointment. I was first encouraged to check my symptoms, which I did, and was told to make an appointment. I was then encouraged to make an appointment online, which needed me to download and register with the NHS app, which I did. Then I discovered appointments are not bookable with my GP through the app. I’m not sure my GP knows this. Then I was told I could contact them digitally and get a call back. I filled in all the medical details, but was told it was too urgent and I needed to call for an appointment. I called and was 14th in the queue. After 35 minutes I spoke to the receptionist who told me to call back after 1pm as all the appointments for the morning had gone. This system isn’t working, is it?
  • I went for brunch on Wednesday. I went to the exact same place a month ago and it was packed. This Wednesday, not so much. Eat Out to Help Out certainly had some impact, it seems.
  • We returned to indoor training, with full social distancing. Very nice to be back in the room. Incredibly hard to work out the financial and practical viability of it all. Indeed, some days it’s very hard to find the motivation to keep navigating everything, and then we teach, and remember what we do it for.
  • Somehow, it is not illegal in the US for the police to hand out ‘courtesy cards‘ to help their friends get away with minor infractions. What possible need would there be for these cards that is not about letting some people get away with breaking the law?
  • We got a smart meter installed. I am now a bit obsessed with my moment by moment electricity usage.
  • WordPress has a headline analyser that tells me my weeknote headlines are too short to be good for click bait. I’m cool with that.