Weeknotes 32 (Aug ’20): Women and ideas

  • I read Sensuous Knowledge by Minna Salami. I loved it and it has made me think. I may have to read it again to fully get all the points, and it would be worth my time to do that.
  • I subscribe to the newsletter of a young woman who regularly sends thoughtful, informed ideas about work and life. This week I was prompted to look at her Instagram profile, which is full of photos of her looking perfect on the beach, etc. This seemed so at odds with the content of her emails, which talk about how fake these things are, and I’m still trying to reconcile these two impressions. It has forced me to address some prejudices I hold about those Instagram accounts. But I now, too, read her emails through a different lens. I also feel quite old.
  • I read this short guide to the Toyota Production System. Interesting to go to the source for some of these ideas.
  • We watched Giri/Haji. The first four episodes were great, and then I couldn’t cope with constant flirting with Rodney’s self-destruction. I also got intrigued about how easy it is to bring firearms into the country, as all the Japanese police and gangsters seemed to arrive at Heathrow with a handgun. I’m not sure they all had the relevant Home Office permission for handguns.
  • The kimchi has made the flat smell atrocious. The Lakeland fermentation jar has a special anti-explode feature to let the pressure out, but this also lets the smell out. I need to buy a better jar.