Weeknotes 31 (Aug ’20): Return to the gym

  • My gym has reopened. I went up and did 20 minutes on a rowing machine with no-one else in the room. It felt great to exercise out of the house. My gym is a small independent and woefully ill-equipped in terms of staff to navigate through Covid-19. In that context, they’ve done brilliantly. I will just need to keep assessing to see how safe it is all feeling. In the meantime, S and I were also able to get a bit of space in an empty room there to kick some taekwondo paddles. Probably the highlight of the week.
  • Today I made some kimchi. Who have I become?
  • On Wednesday we took advantage of eat out to help out. We sat outside – Tower Bridge Road is not the most glamorous of locations – and it was very nice.