Weeknotes 29 (July ’20): Holiday

  • I’ve been having a holiday. It’s been really good to restore my reserves a bit, and I realise I’ve also been feeling quite guilty about how incredibly lucky I am. I have been able to earn money during the pandemic, I have been able to (relatively) safely travel and holiday. I can watch the Government choices with anger and horror, but the fear I feel about it is as nothing to the fear others must be feeling. Guilt doesn’t help, but I guess it does at least confirm to me some humanity, and it helps me keep going when I have my harder days.
  • When we take a break from work we tell our clients. Some of them expect us to work when we’re away. We don’t.
  • My holiday has been mostly focussed around moving my body as much and as healthily as possible, and having as much nature as possible. Living in central London makes both of these things far less easy and pleasurable than I would like. I can understand why so many people seem to be trying to get out of town. I don’t yet have a strategy for getting more of this when I am home again, but I think this needs to be a priority.
  • The “return to play” guidance for taekwondo requires social distancing, which makes sense, but thinking it through has been one of the low points of the last week. e..g how to keep children 2 metres from each other in a context in which we normally encourage physical engagement. And that’s felt like the easy bit.
  • It’s not a surprise, but the gendering of face coverings has been Yet Another Thing to drive home how insane our world is. It makes me happy when I see people who haven’t succumbed.
  • I made a list of all the things I’ve been trying to fit into my week and established there are literally not enough hours in the day. This was a useful discovery and I have re-prioritised accordingly. Learning French has moved way down the list.