Weeknotes 28 (July ’20): Normal activities

  • A return to some ‘normal’ activities this week have felt significant.
  • I had a haircut. My hairdresser got keen and my hair is shorter than I was wanting, but probably exactly what I need. We all wore masks, of course.
  • I am not used to being with people anymore. Are you? It’s exhausting. But with good friends it’s worth the energy.
  • I have travelled this week. It brought home the reality that the pandemic is everywhere. That is depressing and overwhelming. But also that it’s possible to manage it better than it’s felt managed in central London. That gives me hope. And if you can get to some nature and move your body freely, it is very restorative.
  • I’ve been thinking a little bit about leadership. The person is charge is not always the best leader, but we all have to play the hand we’re dealt. What makes good leadership? Well, in this week, the bad leadership was a failure to unite or inspire, and in fact achieve the opposite. And, in a separate case, a failure to trust the experts with the problem, rather than giving them the solution. Different scenarios, but in both the outcome is not what it could and should be. So, when I lead, I should look to unite and inspire, and to trust my group with the problem.