Weeknotes 27 (July ’20): Risk

  • An unusually busy week. Our balcony has been leaking into our flat, and we were finally able to get some people round to fix it. Having people in our flat was strangely stressful – they were pretty gung ho, so there was both a sense that they might break something, and the complications of social distancing etc. It was fine. Obviously. And now we just have to establish if we’re meant to be able to see the water pooling under our paving stones or not.
  • And then a family birthday and a large present meant I found myself masked up and in an Uber for the first time in months. Another family member was unable to come at the last minute because of a suspected loss of sense of smell. This is the reality of the new normal, I guess.
  • And to further that sense, I have started to engage with the return to sport guidance that is filtering out about getting taekwondo back in a shared physical space. Two meter distancing seems to be required, which makes sense, and there is a lot to think about in terms of what is possible, how to keep standards up, and how to manage it all.
  • Gove says to use “common sense” about whether to wear masks in shops. That is such an absurdity it’s hard to know where to begin. The general population has been so confused by the guidance and information thus far, not least because of the Cummings fiasco, how can people possibly make proper “common sense” decisions? In my experience, the vulnerable and the people used to caring for others (mainly women) are the ones in the masks, scared as they are forced into close contact with people who are assessing the risk differently (mainly young men). Surely the government should use “common sense” and reduce the number of risk vectors we all need to think about these days.
  • I’m playing with Notion. My setup currently looks like a bunch of random notes and thoughts, but the simplicity of it is feeling a bit addictive. My horrible BuddyPress / BBPress project has been made less awful by a Notion bug document, into which I can easily paste screengrabs of bugs, to help me work through the bugs, and emojis to make me feel less depressed.