Weeknotes 26 (June – July ’20): Small worlds

  • I had an experience this week in which a couple of my worlds collided. The upshot was me feeling absolutely terrible about myself for a couple of days. Which was not helped by…
  • Working with WordPress, BuddyPress and BBPress is not a recipe for happiness. I am slightly appalled to find myself still, ever, dealing with these technologies.
  • I spent over an hour on the phone with my father trying to help him work out why some of his documents are in OneDrive. I ended up remote controlling his computer, which then further confused him, not least because he couldn’t comprehend how fast I typed.
  • I’ve ordered some face masks . Or rather coverings. There’s lots of variety in this field, it turns out.
  • I didn’t go to the pub or have my haircut on Saturday. I did, however, walk up near Borough Market and feel like the second wave was being built before my eyes. Recent stats for London indicate the R is around 1, and that’s without opening the pubs.
  • It’s genuinely hard to know what to do when you think your government is screwing everything up, isn’t it?