Weeknotes 24 (June ’20): Ups and downs

  • I missed last week because I started Sunday with an emotional collapse, which morphed into working for the rest of the day, and taking most of Monday off and going to the seaside. It was amazing to get out of London, although then Tuesday involved a further collapse after all the excitement. Anyway. Ups and downs.
  • With the exception of that, I managed to let work get a bit out of control and the balance with other elements of life went off kilter. This week will need a rebalance.
  • We are experimenting with a bread machine. So far, the results have not justified the existence of the machine in our flat, but the experimentation is far from over.
  • Had a Covid-19 test because of my involvement with the daily reporting app. I reported a headache, it asked me to have a test. Negative, of course, but quite interesting to do the test.
  • I have not had my hair cut at all through lockdown. I have finally reached breaking point, though, and am going to hand Sarah a pair of scissors.