Weeknotes 23 (June ’20): Black lives matter

  • Black lives matter. If you think the correct response to this is ‘all lives matter’ and you’re not being wilfully unpleasant, then I really suggest you do a bit more reading. It’s not hard to find. If you still think it after about half an hour of research, get in touch and I can point you to some resources. Do I think anyone I know might have that response? Yes. I know white people who are well intentioned but not tuned in to racism. And I have seen comments on friends’ posts on Facebook where this seems to still be a matter for debate.
  • I am as law abiding as they come, and even I think the protests have been totally justified, even in the midst of a pandemic. And the fact they are resulting in change is one of the most heartening things I’ve experienced in my lifetime.
  • The parallels in the UK between racism and sexism are pretty astonishing. They both seem to edge along in the right direction, but still have a long way to go.
  • In other news, I went for a walk yesterday and I’m just not used to exercise out of the house anymore. Alarming!