Weeknotes 22 (May ’20): Political despair

  • The US is rioting because yet another black man was killed by the police. Protests are being infiltrated by armed agitators, probably partly white racists, causing damage and violence, inflaming matters. The President is Donald Trump. What sort of society is this? There are so many areas of the society that are dysfunctional, it’s hard to see how they can reach anything that resembles a companionate, fair society. Widespread distrust of government. Widespread ownership of firearms. Widespread racism. Widespread belief in capitalism at all costs.
  • Years ago I was in the US and speaking to a liberal teacher. Even she thought national health care was a dangerous communist idea that would remove the right to fail.
  • Meanwhile, the British government… I actually can’t bear to write about it anymore.
  • I don’t know if this is the correct coping mechanism, but I’m trying to control the controllables.
  • I made granola.
  • I have been going through an HTML and CSS course to make sure I know how the modern stuff all works. I laughed at a bit about how in the olden days things used to be laid out with loads of divs. I remember when divs were an exciting upgrade from tables and CSS was a new idea.
  • I found out you can put variables in CSS.
  • On we go.