Weeknotes 21 (May ’20): The inevitable P.E. injury

  • On Friday, mid Frog Jump, I pulled something in my lower back and was stuck on all fours in acute pain for a while. It had a certain sense of inevitability about it. After all, PE with Joe is not wildly targeted at someone in their mid 40s, and the warm up is not as comprehensive as my body might like. I was also asking for trouble as I’ve been nursing a bit of a glutes issue. So.
  • Sarah took both the classes on Saturday. Ahem.
  • Granola recipe number 3 is nice. Will this be the final one? Stay tuned!
  • Dominic Cummings travelled over 200 miles when he should have been self isolating.
    1. This was probably a legitimate and sensible thing to do in his circumstances, and within the guidance.
    2. Many many other people would not have done this, thinking it was not allowed.
    3. Communication about what is and isn’t allowed has not been good at all.
    4. The media has not helped with extracting clarity. The government has not given clarity.
    5. People in positions of power will interpret rules to their benefit. Those without power will interpret them differently. Of these people, some will follow rules to the punitive letter. Some will decide to break them because they are used to rules penalising them and therefore ignoring them.
    6. People who normally have power: men, white people, rich people, middle and upper class people, middle aged people. (Cummings ticks all these boxes.)
    7. People who normally don’t have power: older people, younger people, women, people of colour, poor people, working class people.
    8. The Conservative party is for a particular sort of person, and is in government.
  • It’s been fun playing with linux again, even in the small context of a Raspberry Pi media server.
  • It’s a bank holiday tomorrow. Time to revisit the accounts!