Weeknotes 20 (May ’20): The probability of kangaroo jumps

  • Writing this on Tuesday because Sunday and Monday somehow got away from me.
  • Having got my hopes up about the PM’s announcement last Sunday, I, along with virtually everyone else in the country, did not feel perky after he presented the ‘plans’.
  • I am extremely law abiding and can always understand how decisions have been reached. I get that leadership is hard. I get that compromises need to be made. All of this perhaps makes it harder when you see people doing their jobs of leadership badly. And leads me to think about which rules to follow, which is tough for someone who normally just follows rules that are given.
  • Social distancing seems to be becoming more natural for a lot of people. The public spaces I saw this weekend were nice and calm.
  • Raspberry Pi media server is up and running. My brother in law sent me one that he wasn’t using, and a neighbour on Nextdoor had a spare USB keyboard he wasn’t using. Getting a media server to stream to the airport express was easier than getting the drives to map on my Mac.
  • I visited my mother on Sunday for the first time since lockdown began. Very nice to see her. And quite an energetic bike ride.
  • PE with Joe sometimes involves games of chance in which the exercise is determined by something seemingly random, such as a wheel of fortune. This week he had 12 exercises and two dice, and we had to do the exercise that the dice added up to. He seemed mystified by why we were getting more of the exercises clustered in the middle. Sarah and I chatted about probability while doing kangaroo jumps.