Weeknotes 19 (May ’20): Which rabbit holes have rabbits in them?

  • I managed to get RSpec to stop failing intermittently on my app. I should have looked more closely at all the tests, but I’m struggling to identify which rabbit holes have rabbits in and which ones don’t. As it were.
  • Taught taekwondo to a class of 20 children over Zoom on Saturday. That’s just insane when you think about it.
  • Trying to stay positive about the state of things, and becoming increasingly aware that this one of those personally defining times in which your behaviour towards others will haunt you. Try to make it positive. And also aware that the government may not be doing what is best, so to pay attention, as far as possible, to what is controllable and positive.
  • Had a couple of meetings this week in which my key contribution was to help add clarity to a situation. This is a strange skill to have as it’s not a skill that seems to achieve anything, or do anything, but without it those things don’t necessarily get done.
  • Like many small business owners, we spent Friday’s bank holiday looking at our accounts. I can imagine enjoying being an accountant because there’s so much precision and ‘rightness’ attached to it. Am not going to retrain.
  • Made another batch of granola yesterday with a completely different recipe to last time. What a hobby.
  • Raspberry Pi media server project is seeming more likely.
  • And our jobs around the flat have finally reached the kitchen cupboards. Our oils and spices are a thing to behold.