Weeknotes 17 (Apr ’20): Someday / maybe

  • I seem to have got to items that would appear on my someday / maybe list if I had such a list.
    • I have started digitising my CDs into Apple Music using Apple’s lossless format. Is that the best way? Who knows?!
    • I have attempted to make homemade granola using a recipe from Joe Wicks. I love PE with Joe but think I might need to restrict the rest of my exposure to JW. I really don’t think I am target demographic. Granola still to be tasted.
    • I have washed bits of our balcony.
    • I have taken up a rug and tried go get the dust out of it. I subsequently couldn’t sleep because of all the dust. And now we have a rolled up rug in our hall. Hmmm.
    • I went running three times last week. This is a habit I would love to sustain.
  • Obviously it’s pretty impossible to know how the social distancing measures will be lifted, but Sarah and I have started to have little fantasies about how we can get taekwondo up and running in person again. Zoom is all very well, but it is nowhere near the fun of actually kicking people and things. I think people assume Sarah and I train together a lot, but we don’t at all. We’ve never managed to get it to work without getting grumpy with each other.
  • We watched an episode of Grand Designs yesterday about a guy who had a brain haemorrhage and then decided to spend lots of money building an incredible house on the Isle of Wight. The project went well over budget, and resulted in the guy having massive stress about money and having to work long long hours in his incredible house. His wife seemed to think it was all worth it. It seemed awful and I kept waking up last night feeling anxious about it. Not my kinda risk.
  • I’ve been using Strava for a while in a very casual way. I like having a place to see when I have been running and I don’t track any of my other activities. But I have never liked the sharing element so is Strava really the right place for this stuff? Another someday / maybe question may be about to be answered…