Weeknotes 16 (Apr ’20): Insights missing

  • I’ve been unwell this week, with a headache and fatigue. COVID-19? More likely hay fever, the menstrual cycle, and adjusting to new glasses. Regardless, productivity went out the window.
  • Feeling quite a bit better today, and catching up with my inbox etc.
  • Sarah has progressed to making nachos from the taco left overs. This is good.
  • I have worked through enough of the books on my bookshelf that every book now has a home! Granted, some of the homes are a stack of books next to the coffee table, but still…
  • We’ve been setting weekly taekwondo challenges to help people focus their training a bit, and I’ve found them super useful too. I would certainly benefit from that sort of approach myself longer term, I reckon.
  • On Thursday there was headline news about people with COVID-19 antibodies being able to catch it again. Combined with the idea that a vaccine is as complicated as developing one for the common cold, I am now convinced that ‘when this is all over’ is not a phrase I should use anymore.
  • I’m sure I had lots of insightful thoughts to write down this week, but perhaps not.