Weeknotes 15 (Apr ’20): Painful eyes and ‘live’ tennis

  • I’m working on a small project to manage our taekwondo kit orders. This week I finished the functionality and headed down a Rubocop rabbit hole. It’s been fun, and has been leading to some good refactoring. Next week I will probably add an RSpec rabbit hole to the mix.
  • My lockdown project is to try to work through the many, many books I have on my shelves and have always wanted to read. This week I read some mediocre sci-fi, and The Too Difficult Box. The Too Difficult Box is a collection of political essays about subjects that are generally considered too difficult for politics to handle properly. Climate change, prostitution, drug laws, etc. It was published before the Scottish referendum and before the Brexit vote, and is generally pretty dated. Good in parts, but I skimmed chunks of it. Nothing major to take away.
  • I remembered that Amazon prime lets you watch ATP tennis on catchup. Yesterday we watched a couple of matches from the Dubai open a couple of months ago. Might watch the final today.
  • I saw my optician just before lockdown began and they posted a new pair of glasses to me this week. Now my eyes hurt. The rule of new glasses is to commit, so I’m just trying to wait it out.
  • Easter. Ate too much chocolate.