Weeknotes 14 (Apr ’20): Are we having fun yet?

  • I have not been dealing well with disappointment. On Friday I attempted to attend, via Zoom, my weekly yoga class, only to find the link didn’t work. I was very close to tears, and realised how incredibly important routine is. On Saturday we attempted to combine buying coffee beans with our daily exercise and walked to Monmouth Coffee at Spa Terminus. It was closed – the opening hours announced on the website on Friday had been changed and we hadn’t checked again that morning. I became incredibly stressed and angry. This is not my normal.
  • However, I had just had a bad experience of a local stall holder standing way too close to me for comfort, and seeming to be utterly oblivious about the 2 metre thing. I wasn’t able to process it properly and address it at the time, but, next time that happens, I will explain to the person they are making me uncomfortable.
  • It’s hard to get enough exercise. I did manage a run on Wednesday and it made me feel great.
  • Our online taekwondo classes continue. We did a tough session on Tuesday evening and I’m not sure it was wise. On the one hand we want to get together and be in familiar company, and we would normally do tough stuff in that familiar company. On the other hand, do we want to do tough stuff now, or is live tough enough?
  • PE with Joe continues. I may need to find another approach, though, because I’m not getting to my desk until 10am.
  • I ordered a kneeling chair because suddenly after years of working at home now is the time I address the seating. Bonkers.
  • Sarah has been making corn tacos with the taco press. Very good investment.
  • Just finished reading The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk. It’s very good and absolutely fascinating about trauma and approaches to treatment (but a part of how he writes made me think he may be quite a difficult person to know). So much of what seems to be genuinely good for us is overlooked or under prescribed because it doesn’t fit into a neat clinical drug based model. My main take away points were: keep doing yoga and keep meditating. And if you haven’t heart of EMDR therapy before, take a look because it’s incredible.