Weeknotes 13 (Mar ’20): Adjustment

  • It’s amazing what you can get used to. I hardly slept on Friday night, probably because I hadn’t left the house, but on Saturday morning I got up with a sense of optimism I’ve not felt in a few weeks. We taught taekwondo classes over Zoom from our living room, and it has all started to feel normal and achievable.
  • We went for a walk on Saturday afternoon and I found myself getting intensely stressed by the sight of a runner jogging close behind a walker in a narrow space, waiting to overtake him. She checked her watch as she jogged in place, and I realised she was in her zone, a regular runner, escaping from the new reality, and inadvertently being quite scary. We’re all adjusting.
  • Sarah mentioned that our current hyper awareness about physical distance is relatively normal for women, but it’s unusual to see men show such awareness. Perhaps men will start to understand how your average female feels walking home of an evening.
  • I did PE with Joe every morning last week. Starting the day with some mindless and positive exercise has been fantastic. I have not yet managed to get out for a run, but Joe made my legs hurt anyway.
  • Joe is very good and experienced at what he does, and it made me a bit paranoid about my ability to teach online. My teaching of Tuesday’s class may have suffered a bit. That was all calmed by being on the receiving end of a couple of live classes online later in the week, which made us look positively slick.
  • My French learning is progressing, but very slowly. I have been working through English grammar classes at Kahn Academy. My school education was during the phase of not teaching grammar in schools. I have got as far as prepositions.
  • Finished reading Invisible Women. Made me angry, of course.