Weeknotes 12 (Mar ’20): Doom

  • What. A. Week.
  • On Monday, at about 5pm, the Prime Minister told people to avoid unnecessary social activity, including not going to bars, restaurants etc. We immediately had to cancel all our taekwondo classes, including a session we were due to train in that evening. It turned out later that not everyone had taken it so seriously and not everyone cancelled their group activities. My gym, for example, kept its group sessions going.
  • On Tuesday I went to the gym for a run but wondered whether I should have. The place was deserted. And then we had our first evening without training. Probably my first Tuesday in London without training (when healthy) in over a decade.
  • We’re trying to keep regular web work going and S had a few projects pop up as businesses tried to react to the new environment. So quite a lot of thinking alongside stress.
  • I couldn’t bear to join the tai chi group’s Zoom experiment. I’ve been in enough Zoom experiments in my life, but I might join the actual classes when they get up and running.
  • I had a study session with a friend in the US. It was nicely normal to be going through some coding.
  • Went out to get lunch on Friday and was quite alarmed to see how many people were in restaurants. Not at all surprised when the government forced them to close that evening. Hearing people coming back drunk from pubs late that night was probably one of the low points of the week.
  • Finally got our acts together on Friday to try to get our classes online. Ran two taekwondo classes from our living room, over Zoom, on Saturday morning, and it was the absolute highlight of the week. We’re going to keep doing them while there’s interest, but are having to adapt for small space and quiet activities. Challenging!
  • Sarah’s sorted out the bikes so we can travel about a bit if we need to. I went to get a replacement inner tube and found the bike shop is doing a good trade.
  • Went out on the bikes today, but had a row with each other on our doorstep about whether that was responsible or not.
  • Discovered that someone very close to me, who has almost certainly had Covid-19, is experiencing breathing difficulties. They think they are getting better. Very upsetting, none-the-less.
  • And a friend is stressing about her childcare arrangements and trying to get me to help. Over Zoom.

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