Weeknotes 11 (Mar ’20): Impending doom?

  • Missed last week’s notes due to spending the day skiing badly. The morning was scary and alarming but I regrouped at lunch time, remembered to attack the mountain, and had fun again.
  • The following day snowboarding was short but fantastic. Our warm up run was off piste and challenging, along a run we know well, and a nice reminder that I do know how to do that, at least.
  • Successfully got rid of the unreliable French tutor. Now the challenge is to stay on track and find a new one.
  • All of which is feeling a little overtaken by pandemic events. Morzine, where we were skiing and boarding, is now closed as part of France’s shutdown. Apparently the touring skis and split boards sold out yesterday, so people can keep skiing and riding without the lifts. I’m glad to be back in the UK, I guess.
  • Taekwondo classes have been buoyant, and I hope they stay that way for as long as possible. It’s hard to overstate the importance of these activities for mental health. The yoga and qi gong classes I attend were both depleted this week, but I really felt the benefit of them both.
  • Booked tickets for a US comic for next week, in response to a marketing email, and was emailed later the same day to say the event is cancelled.
  • My optician and dental hygeinist were both noticing a reduction in patients. My approach was to get it done while the going is good, so to speak. Other people may have stockpiled toilet paper, but I have sparkly teeth and a new contact lens prescription. And I’m following advice and not stockpiling, while hoping this won’t be a horribly bad judgement call.
  • And partly writing all this down because these point in time are so useful to look at later. Is this an overly cautious point in time, or the relative calm before something truly horrendous? Let’s hope the former.