Weeknotes 10 (Feb-Mar ’20): Club grading

  • We had a club grading on Sunday, which is why this is two days late. Gradings are always very full on days, which we now run over two sessions, splitting junior and senior students. Around the gradings we instructors get about 30 mins for lunch in the middle, and head to the pub for debrief afterwards. The gradings themselves are always fascinating and it’s good to see students tackle the challenges thrown at them. Of course, there are also always areas where I realise we’ve failed to properly cover an important element with the students, and it pops out in the grading context. Useful, but also incredibly challenging to work out what the priorities for next time need to be.
  • Admin ahead of the gradings is quite a challenge, too. I collate the list for the London clubs, which is fine if the info comes through clean and on time, but this week was particularly frustrating.
  • My French tutor cancelled my class yet again. I am going to find a new teacher.
  • Sarah and I went to a pilates class. It’s a new session, so it was just us and one other woman. It’s being run in the local youth centre where we teach some of our classes, and had a nice community feel about it. I enjoyed it, but I’m not sure if I can see myself doing it weekly. It’s just a bit static for my tastes.
  • I’ve stopped doing my tai chi classes, but am sticking with qi gong. The tai chi was getting a bit frustrating and felt like it was fighting for attention with too many other things that are important to me.
  • I tried to get an appointment to see a GP, and was told the next appointment was over a month away. Then they offered to have the GP phone me that day. So, I spoke to the GP, talked through my symptoms, and was given a prescription to pick up. When I went in to pick it up, I queued behind a woman who was being offered doctor’s appointments two weeks from now. I have no idea how that system works.
  • An acquaintance at Launch School (the coding school) coded up a project and shared it on Github. I forked it, made some changes, and created a pull request. First time doing that!