Weeknotes 9 (Feb ’20): Recovery

  • I had what I think was a migraine for a chunk of the week, so was pleased with what I was able to achieve around that.
  • We have a taekwondo grading next weekend, so a lot of student assessment happening at the moment to establish who’s ready to grade. It’s very rewarding to see people reach their goals, especially when it has required a lot of work and perseverance.
  • I taught an extra training session today with a focus on fitness, sparring and flexibility. So much fun!
  • My weekly yoga class is always a joy. This week was no exception.
  • I need new clothes for the gym. When did the gym uniform became black skin tight leggings? I didn’t notice it occur, but the lack of variety is a little disturbing.
  • Icebreaker t-shirts are great, but the range is totally perplexing. I would buy a lot more if the choice were clearer.