Weeknotes 8 (Feb ’20): Thrown off

  • The week started well with a busy day of training and work but a late, slightly stressful evening, which subsequently threw off some of my Tuesday. Since one of the key goals for me at the moment is to maintain my health, I’ve decided to not get stressed by that reality, and embrace the fact that I did manage to meet my key priorities for the day.
  • Wednesday’s trip to the GP turned into an afternoon at St Thomas’s for a scan and a blood test. I nearly fainted during the blood test, which I find intensely annoying and frustrating.
  • First proper French lesson this week, and we went in a bit ambitious, so I’m hoping the next lesson will be a bit easier. I don’t mind a challenge, but I did feel I was busking it, which is not the point at all.
  • Finished off a work project that’s been hanging over me for a few months. Closure is good.
  • And lost a client this week, but in a good way.
  • Saw Parasite at the NFT. I enjoyed it, but couldn’t watch one of the key scenes because too much blood. And the sound system in NFT3 is fantastic.
  • It’s Sunday. I have no plans and there is no taekwondo lesson or event! This very rarely happens and I am basking in it.