Weeknotes 7 (Feb ’20): Goal setting

  • Trying to resurrect learning French this week, so I have booked some lessons, listened to a few podcasts, and dug out my notes. Bof!
  • Goal setting is important, of course, and I realised my goals are to manage conversation with French people in shops, and to understand French tv. These are the sorts of goals I like – easy to know when you’ve hit them, but also possible to feel yourself edging towards them as you gradually improve. And, of course, will require quite a good level of French in order to feel ‘achieved’.
  • Trying to pick up my personal taekwondo training a bit, and very much trying to ensure good emotional and physical balance, and no injuries. How’s that for goal setting? I spent the first day with a focus on basics, then a day working on just one taekwondo pattern and some flexibility. The rest of the week lacked such focus, so this coming week will need a bit of a plan.
  • Google ‘Best headphones for working out’ and you’ll get a rich seam of reviews and opinions. I bought some wireless ones which are well reviewed, but I think I will return them. They are gorgeous to look at, and very slick in how they work, but I found them not nearly as comfortable as online reviewers said they were.
  • In the same headphone order I bought a tortilla press (what does Amazon not sell?) and S made us a delicious lunch today. Well worth the investment.