Weeknotes 6 (Feb ’20): Back to training

  • A nicely energetic week. Two days of skiing, one day off, two days of snowboarding, travel, two days of taekwondo.
  • Our first taekwondo instructors course of the year, with a focus on basics, and teaching basics. Even (or especially?!) as a 3rd dan, I found an awful lot to work on with my basic techniques.
  • There is an ego problem with seniority and if you can overcome it you can reach greater heights. If you can’t overcome it, I think you become smaller, and insecure. I’m trying very hard to overcome it.
  • Also with seniority is the need to own your ability and allow yourself to be a role model, and not diminish your own expertise or path. If you believe in the journey, you need to believe in your place in the journey as well.
  • I managed to land a couple of 180 snowboarding jumps off natural hits this week. That’s been a goal for a few years now, so I’m very pleased indeed. And the pain in my left glutes will pass.
  • I’ve been using the Less app to track my drinking. It’s helped. I’ve set a weekly limit of 7 drinks, which is about the UK advised limit of 14 units, given the sorts of drinks I normally drink. I have enjoyed ending the week under my limit for a few weeks in a row. Whatever makes you tick, yeah?