Weeknotes 5 (Jan ’20): Beetroot steak

  • We watched The Green Book, which was surprisingly good. It’s about a white man driving a black (male) musician around the Deep South on a tour in the early 1960s. There is a scene in which the musician is not allowed to eat in the restaurant of the venue he is playing at because he is black. Because of ‘tradition’. So often ‘tradition’ is used to validate a power imbalance that is more recent than people like to believe. It’s easy to create ‘traditions’, so we should be wary of following them thoughtlessly. 
  • I finished the back end portion of my coding course. It’s a very good course, from Launch School, and I’ve been enjoying it a lot. I’m not quite sure where it’s all leading, though, in my own professional terms, so quite mixed feelings about it all. 
  • I worked with a study partner to solve a coding challenge together. It was so much faster and easier than attempting it alone. 
  • I am beginning to suspect I need to have more ‘fun’. Taekwondo used to give me this, but now I teach I find it is rewarding and challenging and interesting, but not often just downright fun. 
  • Apple Stores would be nicer with a ‘quiet zone’ for people over the age of about 30 to hang out in. I spent two hours in a Store this week to help someone buy a phone and we were completely overwhelmed by the whole process. 
  • Beetroot steak from Bills is nice. 
  • Skis boots have had one day’s wear and so far so good!