Weeknotes 4 (Jan ’20): New stationery

  • We have a new rule for working at home: not allowed lunch if you’ve not had a shower. Particularly relevant to S. 
  • I bought ski boots from Decathlon. I have a bad track record with footwear, often inadvertently buying shoes or boots that turn out to be wrong in some way. And I have an odd thing on my ankle that makes my foot go numb when it’s under pressure. All in all I am not feeling wildly confident about my purchase. 
  • Ikea kitchen planning meetings are worth it because they tell you about the things that are not on display, and, to a certain extent, what to avoid. Totally different experience to the John Lewis version of the same thing, which is far more of a sales pitch. At some point we’re going to have to progress beyond the planning stage, and it is seeming increasingly likely that we’ll be without a working kitchen for at least two weeks when work does finally begin. 
  • My tai chi group is progressing to the Long Form. This is sufficiently similar, yet different, to the Short Form to be confusing and we have been advised to take good notes. The dynamics and commitment levels of my group are such that this may swiftly become very frustrating for all of us. (Some of us practice, some of us don’t. Some of us are confident, some of us aren’t. Sometimes a guy turns up from another class and takes over…) I have at least used it as an excuse to buy a lovely new notebook with blue dots. 
  • We have a cheap ‘n’ cheerful whiteboard on our work studio wall now. It’s not quite big enough, but is already making project planning better.