Weeknotes 3 (Jan ’20): Ski boot injury

  • Skiing progressed well, but then ended in minor disaster with poorly fitting boots, which turned into an attempt to buy boots that fit, and ultimately losing some feeling in my right foot (ongoing!). Not a fantastic way to get back to taekwondo training, but a good opportunity to put into action my new approach of ‘negotiating’ with my body and its injuries, rather than fighting with it. 
  • The taekwondo calendar for this year means half my weekends are entirely taken up with teaching and events. Last year we failed to get the right balance of teaching, training, work and relaxation and I ended the year mentally and physically exhausted. I also failed to manage my various injuries well enough to train as I wanted to. This year needs to be better, but exactly how to achieve that remains an open question. 
  • We returned from the mountains straight back to class, and covering a friend’s class. Three sessions in one day is quite tough, but I taught very similar things to all three groups, so it wasn’t too bad. Always interesting and challenging to go to another instructor’s class and try to get a sense of where all the students are at, and what you can add without causing confusion or problems. Super fun, to be honest. 
  • I spent this morning playing with a rice cooker and trying to season a wok (both Christmas presents). There are a mind boggling number of ways on the internet to season a wok, and my mind was duly boggled.