Weeknotes 1 (Dec ’19): Let us begin?

  • I’ve been enjoying a lot of weeknotes recently, and want to find a way to reflect a bit more on what I’m doing, so am going to give them a go. I’m not sure which day works best for me, so let’s try Sunday. And let’s see if I do more than one post.
  • Trans thinking: Huge thanks to Alice Bartlett for this YouTube link, which addresses the questions I have had, as a feminist, about some of the trans rights stuff that is around at the moment. I have been conflicted because I believe trans women are women, but I also believe the socialisation of girls and the way society creates men and women has a massive impact on how people go on to behave and cope in the world. This video helped me unpack and work through these thoughts, and I’m now in a far more useful place. I still believe these things, and now see them as complementary thoughts, without the muddiness of my previous thinking.
  • Christmas. Too much travel, not enough time for reflection. I haven’t left the house today and things are feeling better.
  • I did a meditation course in October and have been meditating twice a day since. It seems to be gradually peeling back layers of stuff. For example, I was immediately ill for about a month, which can apparently be part of the process! Today I cried about something in my childhood. Normally it’s very good. I recommend it.