Brexit: don’t count on Leaver’s remorse

I voted Remain in the the referendum on whether the UK should remain in the EU.

My very limited personal experience confirms the demographic info about Leave and Remain, especially as regards education level. This correlates lower education levels with the Leave campaign. Which of course also correlates with income levels.

The empowerment and glee I’m seeing from the few Leave voters I have come across makes me think the rare experience of being ‘heard’ and on the winning side, combined with their lack of general engagement with politics and respect for actual experts, means they are unlikely to suddenly, or probably ever, regret the way they voted.

I believe they will find their personal situations worse off, but this won’t be seen as a result of the vote. The implications will be viewed as the fault of a political elite, ‘idiot’ bosses, the rich, the continuing (and suddenly inexplicable!) immigration etc.

And any chaotic implications in Europe or elsewhere will be seen as further confirmation that they were finally able to ‘do’ something to have an impact in the world.

We desperately need an effective Labour movement to listen to these people and provide some sane solutions.