Nescafe Azera To Go – how is this not illegal?

nescafelattetogoI’m not one for crazy over regulation, but surely the madness of selling cups of instant coffee, including the cup, requires some response?

A blend of Instant Coffee, finely ground roasted coffee beans with Skimmed Milk Powder, Sugar and Vegetable Oil.

NESCAFE Azera Coffee To Go Latte:

Feel confident as this delightful barista style blend is made from the finest selected coffee beans. Our dedicated team roast the beans and then finely grind them, before carefully blending with instant coffee and skimmed milk powder, giving you a delicious frothy latte. Simply add water to Be Your Own Barista.

A mere £4.59 for four.

Recycling Info:
Card – Widely Recycled Box
Mixed Material – Not Currently Recycled Cup
Plastic – Check Local Recycling Lid

How many of the rest of us need to diligently use Keep Cups to make up for this madness?

A part of me thinks I’m being wildly snobbish about this because I don’t get so outraged by regular take out coffee cups. But, I do use a Keep Cup, and at least you might get something nice from a take away, and you’re not actually at a kettle of your own at the time.