Becoming Unbecoming

BECOMING_UNBECOMING-716x1024I’ve just finished reading Becoming Unbecoming by Una. I had put off reading it for a few months in the fear it would be horrendously depressing. It’s not. It is, however, astonishing at drawing (ha, see what I did there?) links between different aspects of society and the impact society has on individuals. In particular around gender and expectations placed on women in society.

It’s also probably the most accessible piece of writing I’ve come across to help explain why I find the Daily Mail and the Evening Standard such dangerous newspapers. And explains in terms far clearer than I can ever muster why I have a total sense of humour failure when it comes to the ‘just a bit of a laugh’ rubbish that some comedians come out with when talking about women.

Amazon suggest buying it with Misogynies by Joan Smith – another excellent book.