Sherlock and the mystery of the massive ratings

We watched Sherlock last night and I was reminded why I don’t like it. This was an episode that appeared to be set in Victorian England, so I was intrigued. However, I felt disappointed by the:

  1. Plot. It looked like this could turn into a reimagining of Sherlock with these actors and these high production values, escaping the plot rabbit holes that the modern day version created. And then it just added to the modern day version rabbit holes. I don’t enjoy the endless cycles of doubt, and it feels self indulgent.
  2. Drugs. I don’t think it’s cool or interesting to see people do drugs. It feels like it’s been added here as an edgy thing to do with a TV series that would otherwise easily turn into kids’ TV. I don’t feel it adds anything.
  3. The women. It tries. It obviously really tries. But I find the women in Sherlock dissatisfying. Perhaps the origins of Sherlock Holmes make it impossible to really insert proper women. This episode actually tried to deal with the suffragette movement, but managed to remove all the female voices from the issue.
  4. Moriarty. Oh, who cares! If every episode is going to be about Moriarty, where is the mystery?

Ultimately, I found myself asking: is this TV for me? I think probably not, which is fine, but I really struggle to see what the big deal is about.