Football-free sports headlines from the BBC

This FA Cup Final day I built a tool to show BBC Sports headlines without the football news. It lives at

Why did I do this? Simply, because I’m a sports fan who can’t be bothered with football. In recent years I’ve spent varying amounts of time gripped by cricket, Formula 1, tennis, golf, snooker, all Olympic sports (summer and winter) and can usually find the joy or interest in all this human endeavour. Football, however, leaves me cold.

As a result, keeping up with sports news is a frustrating affair, always filtering out headlines about football, especially ones that aren’t obviously about football initially.

I’m also a fan of the BBC sports coverage and for a long time I’ve wanted a football-free version of their sports homepage, showing everything but the footy.

Tired of waiting, I built it myself. takes an RSS feed from the BBC Sport site and removes stories that link to articles with ‘football’ in the url. It’s not the world’s most elegant solution, but it basically works.

So, if you, like me, love sport but can’t be bothered with the footy, I hope you enjoy Football-free BBC Sport.