Things I’ve learnt from strangers: fit men running in the cold

I didn’t actually talk to this stranger, but was eavesdropping on his conversation. The person in question is a tall man who I often see running and stretching in all weathers in my local park as I go to work in the morning. He wears quite distinctive clothes and stands on top of a small hill doing his stretching, so he’s hard to miss, even when dodging the kids and their mums going to the local school.

This week I happened to follow him as he walked up towards the tube, in his regular running gear, chatting to another man and trying to convince him to take up similar exercise. I didn’t pay much attention until he started getting conspiratorial and delivered the ‘killer’ reason: “you get lots of attention from the ladies”.

It made me smile. Perhaps the hill and the mums aren’t such a coincidence.