‘Liking’ is pointless. Apart from that sense of belonging you get…

Someone I follow on Twitter was one of 41 people who retweeted this yesterday from Jacob Harris.

On my deathbed, I'm definitely going to regret not having spent enough time Liking things on the Internet

I don’t know Jacob, but his tweet got me thinking. On the one hand, his point it spot on. ‘Liking’ things online is hardly a way to add value to the world.

What it made me think, though, is that although on your deathbed you are unlikely to wish you’d done more ‘Liking’, it’s very possible you will feel a lack of social connection or wish you had a closer group of friends. This connection, communication of shared values and interests, and maintaining of friendships, is what ‘Liking’ can bring. I would love to read some anthropology, and I’m sure it must be out there, about how communities and social groups are formed and strengthened through ‘Likes’. And, of course, through retweets.