the snailr project – postcard 90!

Anna Pickard writes a lovely and entertaining blog called Little Red Boat. She recently had the BRILLIANT idea of ‘the snailr project‘, which entailed travelling around the US by train, sending postcards to people who’d requested them. She describes it as:

One journey of almost 7000 miles, six new cities, eight trains, fifteen days, and every vignette, observation and fractured bitty-bit of the travelogue broken up and sent as status messages the old way. By postcard. To a bunch of random people who asked for one. Because travelling slowly is nice. And so is leaving a trail to see where we have been.

I requested, and I received!

This is the front of my postcard:
Snailr project - card 90 front
Text reads: “the snailr project notes the interconnectedness of all things”

I particularly like this because my doodles often look like this sort of colouring in. Note that she has obeyed the golden rule and no adjoining areas are coloured in with the same colour. Phew. Although, there are two white sections next to each other. I can cope.

And this is the back:
Snailr project - card 90 back
Text reads: “We step out onto the streets of Chicago, after going to sleep in Memphis, and the streets are teeming with people on their way to work or, worse, to meetings half way through their work morning. And then us. Oh, and one guy in Leiderhosen. He walks past us on a bridge going into the financial district and thrusts a flier at us. “Oktoberfest, folks? Starts today at the…” “No THANK YOU.” we say, firmly, hoping to convey the fact that we are grownup, responsible travellers and care little for knowing the whereabouts of such tripperies, or drinking in the morning.

“An hour later, after spending 40 minutes searching for the main city post office to get more stamps, I eventually find it… hiding behind the Oktoberfest tent. Dagnammit.”

We’ve all been there, one way or another…

Here are some reasons I love this project:

  • It’s simple
  • It’s joyous
  • It’s personal
  • It’s not TOO personal
  • It’s a way to think about travel
  • It’s a way to think about the little bits of information we share with people we don’t necessarily know, and remind us who those people might be
  • It’s witty
  • It’s brave

I’m very pleased to have received a card and played my part. Thank you, Anna!

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