Zoe Williams on accepting new radio presenters

There’s a nice piece by Zoe Williams in the Guardian today about the length of time it takes to accept new radio presenters (and overcome the hatred of the annoying trails they make). She makes the excellent point that most listeners have little awareness of stations other than the one they are loyal to. Jane Garvey has just moved from 5 Live to Woman’s Hour on Radio 4. My favourite line from the piece:

So while she’s technically a big cheese, to the layman who knows not 5, it’s as if they just wandered into a launderette and found someone to present. I kept thinking, “Ooh, doesn’t she sound professional.”

2 Replies to “Zoe Williams on accepting new radio presenters”

  1. I never, ever got used to the new chap (don’t even know his name) who took BH over from Fi Glover on Sunday mornings on radio 4. But I much prefer Saturday Live to Home Truth. Maybe I just love Fi Glover.

  2. I never got used to Fi Glover taking over from Eddie Mair on BH, so don’t get me started on Paddy O’Connell!

    I completely agree about Saturday Live, though – I always hated Home Truths and for some reason I find the irritating bits of Saturday Live far less annoying than the irritating bits of Home Truths were. That said, I’ve been a Fi Glover fangirl since I used to listen to her on local London radio in, I guess, the early 90s. Saturday Live really plays to her strengths, I think.

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