Guardian print on demand PDF newssheets

It doesn’t happen often, but every now and then I come across something online that makes my colleagues worry. I’ll be sitting quietly at my computer, and suddenly start saying “oh my God. That’s so clever. Coooooool. Wow.”

Yesterday, this happened when I came across the G24 on the Guardian website.

G24 brings you the latest stories from the Guardian, Guardian Unlimited and the Observer – updated throughout the day. There are five pdfs to choose from: Top stories, World, Media, Business and Sport.

The PDFs are free, but well designed, and remind me a little of newsletters in their format. I would love to know how they make these work behind the scenes, but it appears there’s enough of a template to just drop stuff in and be done with it. There’s no attempt to use all the space – a story might run onto a page and then be followed by lots of white space. It’s possible that it’s all done automatically, but it looks a little too slick for that. Regardless, an incredibly clever way to re purpose content and reach the commuter (or lunch) market.