Whistler week 3 summary – come on in, the water’s lovely

We’re now nearing the end of week 4, but just to recap on last week. Rain, rain, rain. We took a day off thinking the rain was just temporary, but then realised that no, this was spring in Whistler and we took to the slopes. It’s a very odd feeling snowboarding in the rain. We boarded down the mountain from snow falling and powder on the ground, to rain falling and sleet ice, followed by rain falling on slush. Riding slush is surprisingly like riding powder, but you don’t want to fall in it.

We rode fairly short days but had some fun. The advantage of the slush is that it is very soft to fall in, so even though you get wet you can try new things. I’ve been trying jumps :-)

Even when it stopped raining the increased temperature in Whistler meant that the dripping noise was constant as snow and ice melted all around the town last week. It’s been wonderful to see as the town has been revealed to us and we are getting the smallest glimpse of what it must be like in the summer. I get the impression this is a beautiful town all year round, and the people who live here are very lucky.