Whistler week 2 – new bindings and the discovery of powder

We’ve had two days of sunshine, and yesterday was fantastic because we also had pretty fresh snow. Sarah and I headed out quite early, but didn’t go up the mountain because we had to make a stop to buy amazing new bindings. We both bought the Burton Escapade bindings, which are significantly better than the Stiletto bindings I was riding, and the Salomon Vitane that Sarah had. These new bindings were expensive, but in a sale, and were worth every penny. They have capstraps at the toe, instead of binding over the top of the toe, and it’s far more comfortable. They are also very responsive, so would have been a nightmare to learn with, I should imagine, but are great now because they make everything work so much faster. I also slightly widened my stance, and angled my back binding out more than before, and that seems to be working really well. Anyway, when we did get up the mountain at about 11.00 we had a play in the easy area to get used to the new kit, and then we were away.

We headed down some nice fast runs and played about in some areas we’d been in before. Then we headed over to Harmony, which is known for its powder. We have never really encountered powder properly before. I mean, we’ve had powder on the edge of runs, or powder on runs, but this was deep powder in huge areas, and was amazingly different. It’s a completely different way of riding – far more like surfing, and great great fun. We only had time for one run there, and we were quite conservative about it because we’d not done it before, but it was still amazing. We headed home down the mountain, which sounds so straight forward, but then you realise the home run is several miles in itself.

This morning we headed out to Harmony with JD from our house. He’s been here for 6 weeks already and is far more confident in powder. He took us down three powder bowls and really encouraged us to go fast. We did OK, I think. There was one huge bowl that I fell at the bottom of twice. It was really steep and I went incredibly fast from quite a way up – I think I may have over-extended myself. Sarah made it both times, which was just incredible, although I think she started a little further down the bowl than I did. You just point your board down the mountain, lean back, and hope for the best. Hilarious.