Three things to make me smile

I’m trying something this week – I’m looking out for at least three things a day to make me smile. So far, I’ve achieved it on the way into work.


  1. There was a woman on the tube wearing a fantastic stripy hat. It had red and purple stripes, with a sort of pink / peach border around the bottom. It looked really fun.
  2. A guy flagged down a cab while on the phone. He waved at the cab across the road and pointed a couple of times in the direction he was walking. As the cab turned in the road, the guy continued to walk in the direction, and got in the cab when it pulled up next to him. He was super-efficient and clear.
  3. A ‘life’ size model of Postman Pat was sitting behind the wheel of a car in a parking area near work.


  1. I made the woman who served me breakfast smile by being super-cheery, even though I’m feeling really ill and tired.
  2. A woman on the tube was listening to her music really loud and found it hard not to dance to it. I could hear it leaking through her headphones – it was a Michael Jackson song.
  3. It was raining, and a woman in the coffee shop put down her take-away coffee, opened her umbrella in the doorway of the coffee shop, picked up her coffee and glided off without a drop of rain on her.

6 Replies to “Three things to make me smile”

  1. 1. I am staying in a strange house, but found this morning that the shower is really good and the towel is on a heated rail.
    2. I found a little Brazilian cafe to get coffee, so can resist going into Starbucks.
    3. My boss asked me about the “terrible day” when I would be leaving.

  2. 1. I couldn’t get the automatic door to open for me, sparking a fear that I was invisible, then the happy realisation that I wasn’t.
    2. Being told by the pharmacist to ‘brace myself’ for a large bill.
    3. A small child tumbled over while getting off the bus, I laughed out loud at that one. woah!

  3. Whenever I buy a sandwich I play this game, who can be more cheerful and polite, me or the person serving me. It’s a pretty tough game and there is this girl that always beats me.

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