Pink and green are, perhaps, not too cool?

jemima and her bright new boarding outfit

So, I found a snowboarding sale yesterday, and, um, went mad. This is significantly brighter than my blue boarding trousers and coat and I think I may have swayed a little too far in the other direction. What you can’t see is how the trousers and jacket attach to each other to create a powder-proof seal. I am very excited about that, since I have spent every snowboarding trip up to now with snow down my trousers.

However, neon pink, too much? It does actually glow.

3 Replies to “Pink and green are, perhaps, not too cool?”

  1. I’m actually loving them, takes me back to 1992 raving. never been snow boarding but i do have a fabulous lilac ski suit… never been skiing either mind. unless you count going down on dry slopes on restaurant trays in Torquay at 3 in the morning.

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