Website report for Transport for London’s Oyster site


Site purpose: To allow customers to research and buy tickets, including top-up, for the Oyster card used on London Transport.

Overview: This site has serious usability problems that hinder the customer’s experience. The following points should be addressed. Further issues exist, but these points would dramatically improve the site in the short term. I recommend a thorough usability review is carried out.

# Fares information

Provide single page including travelcard prices, Oyster single fare prices, Oyster capping and cash fares.

Provide same information for price changes in 2007, for easy comparison.

Provide explanation for withdrawal of single zone travelcards.

# Oyster accounts

Once logged in to the Oyster account, allow a way for user to email for help.

When searching help, provide email help link before search, as well as after.

When emailing help, don’t try to create new account using existing account name.

When emailing help, indicate how a response might be received, if at all. e.g. to email address, to account? etc.

When providing top up / travelcard payment system, show prices of travelcards and tickets through the process (currently not shown at all).

When providing top up / travelcard payment system, only show available tickets, rather than providing error message once desired ticket is selected but not available (e.g. single zone travelcards).

When providing top up / travelcard payment system, show status throughout ordering to clarify whether pressing ‘continue’ will activate the ticket and take payment, or just take you to another information screen.

[Report recommendations emailed to TFL on 15th December, 2006, after frustrating experiences with all of the above and the discovery that I will be £200 a year worse off due to the inexplicable withdrawal of Zone 1 travelcards.]

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